1 Full Time Equivalent (approximately) – $54,450*
Contractor or Limited-Service Position**

.3 FTE CoC Staff/$16,335: HMIS coordination, Partner Building, Meetings, Trainings

.1 FTE CoC Staff/$5,445: conduct CoC/ESG project evaluation activities using outcomes from APRs, HMIS Data Quality Reports, HUD and CoC performance measures, and other reports/tools identified by the CoC

.1 FTE CoC Staff/$5,445: develop and implement a project monitoring assessment system for all CoC and ESG projects within the VT BoS CoC

.2 FTE CoC Staff/$10,890: assist in the development of a single region-wide CoC application including HMIS coordination, develop/facilitate CoC Project Review/Outcomes/Ranking process, research and data collection for PIT surveys and report

.2 FTE CoC Staff/$10,890: planning and implementation of a Coordinated Entry System, CoC System Performance and PIT survey processing

.1 FTE CoC Staff/$5,445: assess and compare VT BoS CoC compliance status with HUD and federal requirements of HEARTH, HUD CoC Interim [Final] Rule, Opening Doors, etc.; publish a CoC Compliance Report, provide trainings and technical assistance, etc.

*Position Title is yet to be determined.

**$54,450 is currently budgeted in the CoC Planning grant for a “CoC staff” position. This amount includes all costs of a position (salary, compensation, mileage, office space, and other expenses). During the August meeting, the VCEH discussed the possibility of increasing this amount by using other CoC Planning funds (i.e. compensation to formerly homeless person for CoC participation and/or the funds for half of an AmeriCorps position. If approved by VCEH, these costs could be reimbursed by the surplus of VCEH Membership Dues for the current grant year (8/1/16-7/30/17) with possibility of the next CoC Planning grant, if awarded, paying for these costs AND the CoC staff position as the Planning grant funds will increase.

***The CoC Planning grant is an annual application and subject to continued HUD funding.

****Specific activities/tasks of the “CoC staff” may be adapted to the needs of VCEH as long as they are eligible HUD CoC Program-Planning costs and the local HUD field office is informed and approves.

Agenda for VCEH Meeting – Tuesday, October 18 @10:00 AM at St. John’s Church in Randolph

Call In 641-715-3272, Access Code: 236613#

  1. 10:00 Call to Order
  2. 10:05 Introductions and Brief Announcements
  3. 10:20 Minutes – Rebeka Lawrence-Gomez
  4. 10:20 Treasurer’s Report – Dawn Butterfield
  5. 10:25 Committee Updates
    1. PIT – MaryEllen Mendl
    2. HMIS (10 min)
      1. Advisory Committee – Rebeka
      2. ICA report – Meghan MOrrow
    3. Legislative – Erhard (5 min)
    4. Coordinated Entry Workgroup – Sarah Phillips (5 min)
    5. Veterans – Jim Bastien (5 min)
  6. 11:05 New Business
    1. Jobs for Independence pilot – Marc Adams
  7. 11:40 Old Business
    1. Proposal for Staffing for VCEH – (10 mins)
    2. CWE rules update
  8. Other Business
    1. 11:55 – Next Two Meeting Dates
    2. 12:00 Adjournment


October VCEH Meeting

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Where: St. John’s Episcopal Church, 15 Randolph Ave, Randolph, VT 05060
Call-In Number: 641-715- 3272, Access Code: 236613#

Meeting Materials:
– October Meeting Agenda
– DRAFT VCEH Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2016
Proposed Job Description for CoC Support Staff

Please complete this poll to help us determine if we should move the date of the November meeting as it conflicts with the 2016 Vermont Statewide Housing Conference.