CHALENG 2013 Survey Now Open to All Homeless, Formerly Homeless Veterans

The CHALENG 2013 survey is now open to all homeless and formerly homeless Veterans, VA and community partners on the CHALENG site:

In 1994, the VA launched Project CHALENG (Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education and Networking Groups) for Veterans, a program designed to enhance the continuum of care for homeless Veterans provided by the local VA and its surrounding community service agencies. From the VA:

The guiding principle behind Project CHALENG is that no single agency can provide the full spectrum of services required to help homeless Veterans become productive members of society. Project CHALENG enhances coordinated services by bringing the VA together with community agencies and other federal, state, and local governments who provide services to the homeless to raise awareness of homeless Veterans’ needs and to plan to meet those needs.

This survey helps to provide feedback from Veterans and community partners on the services that are needed in the area. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and the feedback does help to better the coordination of services. Please take the survey today to provide the much needed feedback to better serve Veterans in our community.

The CHALENG 2013 survey can be taken 24/7 from now until January 31st, 2014.

The Veterans access to a computer for some could be challenging, possible solutions could include:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Internet cafes
  • Drop in centers
  • Residence
  • Community partners
  • Computer resource labs
  • DOL One Stop Centers
  • Outreach Centers
  • Telephone/ipad

VA and Community partners would most likely have more access to computers and are encouraged to help aide those Veterans they are working with in the area.