January 9: Homelessness Awareness Day and Memorial Vigil at the State House

Every year in January concerned citizens and homeless service providers from across Vermont gather at the State House in Montpelier for a day to engage their representatives  and to renew their commitment to end homelessness in our state.

On Thursday, January 9 the Annual Homelessness Memorial Vigil and Awareness Day will kick off early at 8:00am in the Card Room. Folks will be present there all day from 8 to 2:30pm to share information, connect with their representatives, see the work being done around the state, and to be a part of the conversation on which strategies are working in reducing homelessness and which ones still need work.

At Noon community members, elected officials, and advocates will take to the State House steps for a Vigil to remember our friends and neighbors who have died without homes, and to bring awareness of the struggles of those still searching for safe and secure housing.

At 9:30am 1:00pm [Update: New Time] be in the House Gallery to hear the House read a Resolution and recognize those experiencing homelessness and the work being done by homeless service providers and advocates.

Please print and distribute the updated flyer below.

MemorialPoster (2)

More information will soon be released.  VCEH is proud to be a co-sponsor, along with the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition, of the day’s activities.

For more information, please contact Linda Ryan by email or phone at 802.373.6505.