Supportive Service Providers Housing Survey Now Online

The last in a series of three surveys on Housing and Services is now online.  Responses are being sought from Supportive Service Providers.  This series of surveys have been designed to help assess common problems and challenges facing clients, and to get a picture of respondents best strategies and ideas to move forward.

The survey is only seven questions and takes just a few minutes to complete.  Please take the survey today!

Previously we asked Landlords and Tenants to respond to what they saw as the biggest barriers to sustainable, permanent housing and what they thought might help address those barriers. The following survey takes that feedback and asks service providers what you see as barriers and ways you would like to address them.  Please think big!

We will share the results at the April 11th OEO Anti-Poverty Network Conference.  Please complete the survey no later than April 7th to ensure your responses can be included. Please feel free to share this widely with coworkers or any other providers that have addressed housing issues with their clients. Take the survey now:

For more information, please contact Amy Perez at