Organizers of the 100,000 Homes Campaign in Burlington Come Together to Share Findings

Last night the organizers of the 100,000 Homes Campaign in Greater Burlington came together to discuss what they discovered during the 3-day registry event that took place last week with the community. An article from today’s Burlington Free Press highlighted some of the statistics found, listed below:

The survey of 210 total respondents included the following results:

• 141 people have been homeless for more than one year;

• 31 percent have visited the emergency room more than once in the last six months; 40 percent have interacted with the police in the same time period.

• About 25 percent had previously received federally subsidized housing;

• 25 percent have kidney disease, a history of hypothermia, liver disease or HIV/AIDS;

• 62 percent have some other chronic health condition;

• 60 percent have a history of substance abuse; 78 percent have problems with mental health;

• 95 people, or 45 percent, have combined psychiatric, substance abuse and chronic medical conditions, called “tri-morbidity.”

The survey also asked some reflective questions: About 46 percent of respondents said they lack daily activities, other than surviving, that bring happiness and fulfillment. Volunteers also asked what the word “home” means, and among the most common answers were “safety,” “comfort” and “warmth.”

WCAX also provided coverage, including a great video feature that you can view here or embedded below:

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Those involved with the project hope that the information obtained can be used to help in creating more specific resources to house those who are most vulnerable, with the goal of eventually eliminating chronic homelessness in the community.

To view the complete article from the Burlington Free Press click here. To view the complete coverage from WCAX click here.