VSHA S+C SW Waitlist Open Again

Dear VSHA S+C [Statewide Grant] Sponsors & Local CoCs:

What: VSHA is currently accepting between 15-20 S+C applications to serve homeless households to live in all counties of Vermont, except Chittenden.

Why: Although we met our goal with the recent S+C waitlist opening, several S+C participants recently transitioned to the VSHA Sect. 8 HCV Program using our S+C preference and we have grant savings to spend.

Who: S+C subsidies will be prioritized to applicants that meet the definition of chronically homeless, but there may be some available to also serve some households that only meet the literal homeless definition, particularly those with the longest histories of homelessness and those residing in CoC Transitional Housing/Safe Haven who entered from literal homelessness.

How: Please act SOON to conduct outreach and to start the S+C application. Contact Daniel Blankenship at Daniel@vsha.org or (802) 828-3295 immediately with potential applicants [chronic and literal] to secure a position on our short-term S+C waitlist while you complete the S+C application. All approved, new S+C households receive an automatic security deposit upon move-in.