Summer 2015 Edition of Counterpoint – News, Commentary and Arts by Psychiatric Survivors, Mental Health Peers and Their Families

The Summer 2015 issue of Counterpoint, a publication featuring news, commentary and arts by psychiatric survivors, mental health peers and their families is now available to view online here:

Counterpoint is published three to four times a year by Vermont Psychiatric Survivorsand available for free at sites throughout the state. Counterpoint was started in 1985, and prints 8,000 copies, in 24 or 28 page editions. It prints artistic contributors (poetry, prose, drawings, paintings, photos, etc), along with opinions (personal reflections, letters, columns) and news (reports on what’s happening regarding mental health issues around the state).

If you have news to share or a coming event for Counterpoint to cover, contact the editor, Anne Donahue, at