Hearing on Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

Dear Colleagues,

The Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) governs how the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) allocates the largest program that funds affordable rental housing in the state (the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program). The committee responsible for that plan is having its second hearing on recommended changes to the QAP next week on August 19, 2015. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10 am at Vermont Housing Finance Agency, 164 St. Paul Street, Burlington, VT 05401. Some small sandwiches will be provided.

A memo describing the suggested changes can be found here: Memo. Links to the draft Qualified Allocation Plan, the evaluation checklist and minutes from the July 8, 2015 meeting can be found in the memo or at www.vhfa.org. Copies of the public comments received by staff can be found here: Comments.  While the deadline has passed for written public comments, everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

What may be of interest to many is a decision at the first meeting to ADD a new top-tier priority for housing that sets aside 25% of its units as permanent supportive housing for people who are homeless. How the rest of that discussion plays out in terms of other changes to the top and bottom tier priorities may be of interest to agencies that work with people who are homeless.

Please feel free to contact Joe Erdelyi (jerdelyi@vhfa.org, 802-652-3432) or Josh Slade (jslade@vhfa.org, 802-652-3414) with any questions.