IMPORTANT: FY2015 VT BoS CoC NOFA Materials – Please Review

Please review the following materials and instructions regarding the FY2015 VT BoS CoC NOFA:

  1. FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Projects-Priority Listing Posting FINAL 11.3.15 – The final VT BoS CoC priority ranking determination (as made by the Project Ranking Committee on behalf of VCEH) of all submitted CoC project applications to be included in the HUD CoC application submission (renewal, new-reallocated, new-bonus).
  2. FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Application – Final Draft ready for review by all VT BoS CoC stakeholders with comments due to VSHA ( no later than10AM on Monday, November 9. *Some HMIS data still pending updates by all providers & completion by ICA-HMIS Lead. The final VT BoS CoC Consolidated Application (with all attachments & project priority listing) will be submitted to HUD and posted on the VCEH website no later than Wednesday, November 11.
  3. FY2015 CoC Application Detailed Instructions – HUD guide that details each CoC application question on specific information required.