VCEH 2015-16 Annual Membership Form

The VCEH 2015-16 membership form is now available. Membership in VCEH is open to any individual or organization interested in participating in this grassroots effort. Suggested organizational membership dues are based on the annual operating budget, or in the case of a multi-purpose organization, the housing program’s budget. Individual memberships are welcomed and encouraged!

The Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness (VCEH), acting as the primary decision-making body of the Vermont Balance of State Continuum of Care, shall have a mission to end all homelessness in Vermont through sharing information, developing resources, providing a forum for decision-making, and promoting decent, safe, fair, affordable shelter for all.

VCEH achieves this mission by:

• Creating a network of organizations, service providers, advocates, consumers, concerned citizens and policy makers committed to ending homelessness.

• Fostering communication with and supporting local Continuums and developing collaborative partnerships.

• Ensuring that all Vermonters, particularly low and moderate income persons, people with disabilities, homeless people, elders, families with children and others, have safe, adequate, physically accessible and affordable housing.

• Encouraging resident participation and control in their housing.

• Advocating for the preservation of existing housing, protection of renters, and the development of new, perpetually affordable low and moderate income housing.

• Promoting the recognition of housing as a basic right for all Vermonters through education of the public and elected officials.

• Acting as a catalyst in the exploration and development of innovative means of preserving and increasing Vermont’s affordable housing stock.

To download the form, click here. Contact Dawn Butterfield at 802-477-5124 or with questions regarding your membership.