Reminder: Next VCEH Monthly Meeting Tomorrow – March, 15th at St. John’s Church in Randolph – Agenda & Materials

The next monthly meeting for the Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th.  The meeting will take place at St. John’s Episcopal Church (15 Summer Street, Randolph, VT).  The meeting will be called to order at 10:00AM.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows (download here):

10:00 Call to Order – MaryEllen Mendl, Co-Chair

10:00 Introductions and Brief Announcements

10:10 Approval of Minutes of January Meeting
(click here review minutes) – Jan Rossier

10:15 Treasurer’s Report – Dawn Butterfield

10:20 Point in Time Updates

  • Process and mechanics – Daniel
  • Public rollout – MaryEllen (and Margaret and Marcy)

10:40 HMIS Report – Megan Morrow; Advisory Committee- Lee Trapeni

10:50 NOFA Updates

  • Updates on preliminary awards – Daniel
  • Review of the BOS Continuum: renewing the performance committee – MaryEllen
  • Project selection and the local Continuum evaluation process: decisions from last year and looking ahead – Daniel

11:20 Updates from around the State – MaryEllen (facilitate)

  1. GA Alternative Housing update
    1. Sanctions
    2. Increase in numbers discharged from corrections without housing
    3. Comments from programs
  2. Other matters of concern

11:45 Other Business

11:55 April 19, 2016 Meeting Agenda

  1. Deeper discussion in planning ahead, regarding overall NOFA project portfolio and areas either losing funding after 2016 or looking vulnerable in priority
  2. A staffing model for VCEH
  3. Legislative Update
  4. PIT rollout results
  5. Post meeting gathering of Emergency Shelter Providers: review winter 2015-16

12:00 Adjourn

If you can not attend the meeting in person the call-in number is 1-866-244-8528, passcode 324359.

Look forward to seeing you there!