Gov. Shumlin Highlights Success in Reducing Homelessness and Re-confirms Commitment to End Family Homelessness By 2020

Yesterday, Governor Shumlin signed an Executive Order related to Publicly Funded Housing for the Homeless. Below is an excerpt from the official press release that discusses the Order and progress being made to end homelessness in Vermont:

A year after establishing a commitment to end family homelessness in Vermont by 2020, Governor Peter Shumlin today announced a 28 percent decline in homelessness in the last year and issued a new Executive Order to increase access to affordable housing. The Order calls for owners of housing that receive state funds to make available at least 15 percent of their portfolio of housing units to Vermonters experiencing homelessness. By aligning supportive services, rental subsidies, and state investments in affordable housing, the State and private partners are working to ensure a continued focus on assisting vulnerable Vermonters.

“Vermont is a special place, a place where we take care of each other and with this Executive Order we are solidifying, formalizing and building upon the good work that has been done,” said Gov. Shumlin. “This Executive Order is taking a smarter, more cost effective approach to ending Homelessness in Vermont.”

The announcement comes as evidence is growing that the state’s focus to end homelessness is paying off. The recently released Annual Point in Time Count (PIT) Report shows for a second year in a row that the number of homeless Vermonters has declined. The 2016 Report showed an impressive 28% decline in the total number of Vermonters experiencing homelessness compared to the 2015 count.

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The Executive Order can be found here.