HUD CoC Consolidated Application

Dear VCEH/VT BoS CoC Members,

To ensure input by the full CoC membership (all stakeholders in the VT Balance of State CoC) a draft of this year’s HUD CoC Consolidated Application and Project Priority/Ranking Listing is available on the CoC’s website at under the section “Initiatives” and subsection “HUD Funding & Regulations”.

Final comments should be sent to no later than 10AM on Monday, September 12.

We need your help!  Please provide additional input for the following questions:

  • Page 37/Q3A-6:  Additional Job and Income Growth
  • Page 44/Q3B-2.5a:  More reasons why unsheltered families increased (6).
  • Page 50/Q4A-3:  Specific outcome data for number of people approved for health insurance between July 2015-June 2016 (i.e. Health Clinics, other).


  • Pending – Page 48/Q3B-3.1a, 3.2, 3.4, and 3.4a:  Homeless Veterans (VA)
  • The final version of the “HMIS Policy & Procedures Manual” was approved by a VCEH CoC Board vote in August and will be attached to the CoC application.  A draft is available at
  • The attachment for “CoCs Process for Reallocating” is pending collation but will be attached to the CoC application.


Daniel Blankenship

Vemont State Housing Authority

VT BoS CoC Collaborative Applicant (on behalf of VCEH)