Coordinated Entry ROI Vote Warning

BOARD VOTE WARNED for November 22 VCEH Meeting

VCEH Coordinated Entry Release of Information (ROI)

Should the Coalition adopt the Universal Release of Information for VCEH Coordinated Entry, as recommended by the VCEH Coordinated Entry Committee?

You can find the ROI up for vote by clicking here.

Information about the VCEH Coordinated Entry Release of Information:

This “Universal Release” allows for ongoing or “re-release” of information to coordinate access to housing and services for households that are homeless or experiencing a housing crisis.  This Universal Release of Information is HIPAA and 42 CFR Compliant.

The Client ROI will be used by Partners in local Coordinated Entry Partnerships.  It encompasses both information shared through HMIS as well as information shared outside of HMIS.

The first step is to establish a Local Coordinated Entry Partnership through the Partnership Agreement.

HMIS data sharing can begin once a separate HMIS data sharing agreement is in place between agencies.  ICA, the HMIS Lead Agency, can help your local Coordinated Entry Partnership put in place a data sharing agreement.

The Universal ROI can replace other releases that agencies may have in place related to coordinating access to housing/services for those who are experiencing homelessness.  For example, a release for the Housing Review Team.

The VCEH Coordinated Entry Committee is actively working to develop an appendix to the Coordinated Entry Partnership Agreement on Confidentiality Principles and Policies.  Along with this, the committee intends to create training on confidentiality and a template Confidentiality Agreement for staff.

The VCEH Coordinated Entry Committee is also working on process mapping for local Coordinated Entry Partnerships, which includes issues such as options that Domestic Violence Agencies can consider for participation in Coordinated Entry as well as some possible roles for Housing Review Teams or other ways that referrals might be coordinated.

Finally, the VCEH Coordinated Entry Committee will be meeting on Monday, November 28, 10am – 12:30 in Waterbury.  All are welcome – please RSVP for security purposes.  At this meeting, we will also be discussing prioritization and access for Permanent Supportive Housing.

Questions about the ROI can be directed to Sarah Phillips.  For more about VCEH Coordinated Entry Planning please go to: