AHS Homelessness Programs Improvement


The Agency of Human Services is conducting a program improvement project to:

1) Evaluate which AHS funded or administered programs and services related to homelessness currently homeless people accessed over the past three years and what the outcomes of these interventions were.

2) Determine which AHS funded or administered programs and services currently homeless individuals were eligible for over the past three years that they didn’t access and why they didn’t.

3) Assess what programs or services not currently available in all or any areas of the state might have been helpful to people who are currently homeless, had they been available.

We encourage partners engaging in the PIT count to also complete the attached brief survey and release of information with homeless individuals who would like to participate, at the same time that you’re already doing the PIT.

We’ll be doing outreach to get as much participation with this project as possible through the month of February, so if you work with homeless people who would like to participate in the project, but you didn’t encounter them during the PIT, please fill out the form with them the next time you see them – before March 1st. If you or the organization you represent would like to participate in this effort, please let your local Continuum of Care Chair know that you’re participating, and our AmeriCorps VISTA team will follow up with participating organizations to make arrangements to pick up paper copies of the forms in early March.

It should be very quick to complete this form and the information gathered will be very helpful to our efforts to help end homelessness in Vermont. Thank you very much for your support and participation!

Take Care,

Will Eberle
AHS Field Director
Barre, Morrisville Districts

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