HOP Funding Updates

Hello current HOP Grantees and potential applicants!

I have some further resources for you in the preparation of your application.

They are all saved here: http://dcf.vermont.gov/oeo/HOP-RFP

Under “Application Materials”:

  1. A slightly revised Notice of Funding and Application document with the following corrections

Changes: (These are also saved separately also, for your convenience.)

  1. Updated Appendix C (pg. 29) with recently-released HUD FFY 2017 30% Median Family Income by County (extremely low income)
  2. Revised Appendix E (pg. 31) to reflect that Homelessness Prevention Services no longer have an income eligibility requirement. Homelessness Prevention financial and rental assistance activities still require annual income to be below 30% AMI.

Also saved at the above link under “Helpful Information”:

  1. A Frequently Asked Questions document with important clarifications about the application process – please review carefully.
  2. An updated report on General Assistance Community Investments funded through the HOP program in FY 2017, to reflect current funding and status.
  3. General Assistance reports for Singles and for Families on year-to-date (July 16-March 17) motel utilization by AHS District, including number of households, demographics, and number of nights provided.
  4. A link to the recorded webinar about the HOP Notice of Funding held on 4/14/17.

Thanks so much for your attention to all of this and I look forward to reviewing your applications. Please let me know if you have any questions. 241-0930.

Emily Higgins