FY17 CoC Program Project Ranking List – VT BoS Final Determination

Below is this year’s FINAL FY 2017 CoC Program Project Priority List as determined and approved by the VCEH ranking committee.

All projects listed below will be included in the VT BOS CoC Program Consolidated Application submission.

Highlights from the VT BoS CoC Ranking Committee’s determination:

  • VCEH identified $126,835 in available CoC funds to reallocate for new projects
  • 8.15.17 – VCEH CoC membership indicated general support for HMIS, CE and PSH funding
  • To address unexpected Letters of Intent for new HMIS/CE projects, VCEH developed objective scoring tool with potential scenarios as current VCEH Policy doesn’t address new HMIS/CE projects in Tier 2.*
  • 8.17.17 – Ranking Committee chose “Scenario 1” from Tier 2 options (funding all three expansion proposals – HMIS/CE/PSH), as it aligns with VCEH general support for all 3 project types; RRH Statewide proposal reduced by eliminating $13,766 Service BLI due to recipient indication that this funding type was no longer administratively practical, especially after multiple grant consolidations
  • 8.23.17 – after initial ranking determination, ICA withdrew their HMIS-Expansion proposal
  • 8.25.17 – Ranking Committee met independently (without VSHA or AHS) and voted to increase the new CE-Expansion proposal by $39,500 (in light of HUD CoC Coordinated Entry 1.23.18 deadline)
  • Two Tier 1 renewals ranked upon VCEH policy: HMIS (“2nd to last full project in Tier 1”) & CE (“last full…”)
  • RRH5 renewal project placed by Ranking Committee in Tier 1 as it’s a renewal & new project (start date 10.1.17 after current NOFA); HUD doesn’t permit reallocation of new projects; VCEH policy places HMIS/CE/Straddle projects at bottom of Tier 1; RRH5 couldn’t be ranked lower than #3; RRH5 project could not be scored with points (no data) so it could not be ranked higher than #3*
  • Due to unspent grant funds & strategic purposes, the Ranking Committee chose the Shelter+Care/Statewide renewal project as the last Tier 1 project; $67,547 straddles into Tier 2
  • The two remaining project proposals (BHP Shelter+Care & VSHA RRH Statewide) were ranked in order of points determined by the CoC-approved objective scoring tool for renewal projects
  • No appeals were submitted

        *Collaborative Applicant [VSHA] recommends VCEH Policy revisions             for FY18