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Electronic Forms for PIT Count

Here are the LIVE links for the Vermont Balance of State CoC PIT Count. Please do not use the DEMO links previously shared. Be sure to use the right form for the corresponding location of homelessness:

Purple: Unsheltered Form for people staying outside, in cars, in tents, abandoned buildings, etc.

Green: Non-HMIS Emergency Shelter/ Domestic and Sexual Violence Shelter/Motel Voucher Form

Orange: Non-HMIS Transitional Housing Form

If you are in Chittenden County, do not use these electronic links. If you have not already received the Chittenden-County specific electronic form, please check within your organization first to see who would have received them. Contact Paddy Shea if you are unable to find them.

If you will be filling out paper forms, you can access them here. Click here to view the recorded webinar on how to fill out the forms.  Please reach out to Laurel Chen or your local PIT Coordinator with any questions.

PIT Count 2018 Webinar to collect non-HMIS data

You can view the one-hour recording of the webinar that reviews how to fill out the electronic and paper Point in Time Count forms here:

Additionally, go to to find a link to the electronic form and paper form. If you have any questions about the upcoming Point in Time Count, reach out to your local coordinator or Laurel Chen.