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Letter of Intent Form for FY17 VT Balance of State Continuum Care of Projects

On July 14, 2017, as part of the annual Continuum of Care Program Competition, HUD released the Notice of Funding Availability for FFY2017 funds.  Over 400 HUD-designated Continuums of Care compete for approximately $2 billion as part of a community process.  This Letter of Intent Form, which was emailed out on July 19, 2017 to the VCEH listserv, applies to the Vermont Balance of State Continuum of Care (VT BoS CoC) only, which includes all counties within the State of Vermont, except Chittenden which submits a separate CoC NOFA application to HUD.  The Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness (VCEH) is the primary decision-making body for the VT BoS CoC.  The Vermont State Housing Authority acts in the role as the Collaborative Applicant to submit the CoC Consolidated Application:  CoC [Community] Application, CoC Planning application, and a CoC Priority Listing that includes/lists all project applications accepted and ranked or rejected in the CoC local competition.

The Letter of Intent form can be found here. A list of existing FFY2016 VT BoS CoC Projects can be found at:

See FFY2017 HUD CoC Program NOFA for details, including on which types of projects the VT BoS CoC may apply for up to the $3,239,692 in available funding this year, through:

  • renewal of existing projects
  • reallocating all or part funding from existing projects to create new project(s), and/or
  • applying for new Permanent Housing Bonus project(s).

Please review the Letter of Intent Form and FFY2017 HUD CoC Program NOFA for details and more information on how to apply. Contact Daniel Blankenship with questions.

Votes Warned for July Meeting

The following 8 items will be voted on at the VCEH July meeting on July 18th (Please note at the end of this message is a condensed list of voting materials): 

1) Shall the Coalition accept the revisions to the standing rules?
VCEH Governance Charter – DRAFT 

2) Shall the nominees for VCEH Board Representatives be elected to serve for the one-year, 2017-2018 Board term?
VCEH Board Nominations 2017-2018 Board Term 

3) Shall the Coalition adopt the VT BoS NEW Project Scoring Tool for FY17?
NEW Project Scoring Tool – DRAFT

4) Shall the Coalition approve revisions to the VT BoS RENEWAL Project Scoring Tool for FY17?
RENEWAL Project Scoring Tool – DRAFT 
Please note that the first page of the document outlines in detail the revisions made to last year’s version.

5) Shall the Coalition approve the Reallocating CoC Projects Policy for FY17?
Reallocating CoC Projects Policy – DRAFT 

6) Shall the Coalition approve the CoC Project Ranking Policy?
CoC Project Ranking Policy – DRAFT
Please note that this Policy includes a list of Ranking Team members.

7) Shall the Coalition approve the Vermont Balance of State Continuum of Care Written Standards, which outline the current minimum standards for CoC Program funded projects and are applicable to all CoC Program recipients and subrecipients?
VT BOS Written Standards – DRAFT

8) Shall the Coalition approve the creation of and confirm the approval of the contents within the Balance of State Continuum of Care Policies and Procedures manual?
Balance of State Continuum of Care Policies and Procedures Manual – DRAFT
Please note that all of the documents within the Policies and Procedures Manual either are up for a vote of approval during this meeting or have previously been approved by the Board. The Policies and Procedures manual is a compilation of all of these documents and will be updated on a regular basis with new policies and procedures approved by the Board. Expired or Replaced Polices and procedures will be listed on the manual’s final page.