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HOP Funding Updates

Hello current HOP Grantees and potential applicants!

I have some further resources for you in the preparation of your application.

They are all saved here:

Under “Application Materials”:

  1. A slightly revised Notice of Funding and Application document with the following corrections

Changes: (These are also saved separately also, for your convenience.)

  1. Updated Appendix C (pg. 29) with recently-released HUD FFY 2017 30% Median Family Income by County (extremely low income)
  2. Revised Appendix E (pg. 31) to reflect that Homelessness Prevention Services no longer have an income eligibility requirement. Homelessness Prevention financial and rental assistance activities still require annual income to be below 30% AMI.

Also saved at the above link under “Helpful Information”:

  1. A Frequently Asked Questions document with important clarifications about the application process – please review carefully.
  2. An updated report on General Assistance Community Investments funded through the HOP program in FY 2017, to reflect current funding and status.
  3. General Assistance reports for Singles and for Families on year-to-date (July 16-March 17) motel utilization by AHS District, including number of households, demographics, and number of nights provided.
  4. A link to the recorded webinar about the HOP Notice of Funding held on 4/14/17.

Thanks so much for your attention to all of this and I look forward to reviewing your applications. Please let me know if you have any questions. 241-0930.

Emily Higgins

2018 HOP Funding Application Now Available

The HOP Funding Announcement was issued this morning. The full 2018 Funding Announcement and Application for the Housing Opportunity Grant Program is attached, and can also be found on the Office of Economic Opportunity website.

Current grantees were provided with the application separately as a Word document, and an optional Budget Tool in Excel. Please contact Emily Higgins if you would like these as well. Please see the introductory Memo for a listing of substantive changes to the application.

Applications are due no later than 4:00 P.M. May 19, 2016.

Webinar Announcement: The Office of Economic Opportunity will host a webinar on Friday, April 14th, 3:30 – 4:30pm to review the Housing Opportunity Grant Program Notice and Application for funding. The webinar will be recorded and archived.

To attend by web, register here:

Please contact Emily Higgins if you have any questions. I will post and distribute an FAQ document in a couple weeks.

Vermont Rental Subsidy Update

Good afternoon,

This correspondence follows up on recent conversations regarding the status of the Vermont Rental Subsidy (VRS) Program due to the impact of the Vermont State Housing Authority decision to stop issuing Section 8 housing vouchers as a result of the uncertainty of federal funding.

As you are aware, ESD has temporarily stopped granting new vouchers for the program while we analyze possible solutions to budgetary pressures as well as programmatic or procedural changes which might help our clients successfully transition off the program by the end of the twelve months of subsidy. This decision means that new applicants are being placed immediately on the waitlist.

There continues to be discussion among ESD, DCF, and AHS leadership to identify a longer-term solution that serves our clients in the best way possible, maintains the integrity of the program, and adheres to the fiscal constraints of the appropriation. AHS Secretary Gobeille has expressed a desire to ensure that households are not made homeless while this continued strategizing takes place. He has therefore asked DCF to extend the program for another month for those households who would have maxed out participation and closed at the end of February.  They will receive a subsidy for March, keeping them in housing for another month.

We would strongly encourage Field Directors, Housing Review Teams, and Housing Support Workers to continue exploring additional supports (e.g., project-based housing, progressive employment, etc.) for clients who will reach their twelve months before the end of SFY17.

We will continue to keep you updated on further developments regarding the program. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me or Geoffrey Pippenger with any additional questions or concerns. Also, please feel free to share this email with your community housing partners. Thanks.

Sean Brown