Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

HMIS Policies and Procedures Manual (Approved 01.2017)

System Performance Measures from HMIS – report generated by Institute for Community Alliances

Chittenden HMIS Administrator RFP – FINALThis spring, the Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness (VCEH) issued a request for proposals from qualified applicants to become the HMIS Lead Agency to serve the Vermont Balance of State Continuum of Care geographic area.  Below is the proposal recieved and accepted by the Institute for Community Alliances:

Institute for Community Alliances – HMIS Lead Proposal

The HMIS Governance Charter is under review by local Continua of Care with a vote due on May 22nd:

HMIS Governance Charter 051215 draft

The Chittenden Homeless Alliance, a separate HUD Continuum of Care jurisdiction, has released an RFP for HMIS Administrator.  Responses are due electronically by 3pm Wednesday, July 1, 2015:

Chittenden HMIS Administrator RFP

About HMIS

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) provides communities with an opportunity to re-examine how homeless services are provided in their community, and to make informed decisions, and develop appropriate action steps. The Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness, as the Balance of State Continuum of Care HUD jurisdiction, is responsible for implementing a common HMIS.  The HMIS supports the collection of an array of data on homelessness, including unduplicated counts, use of services and ultimately, the effectiveness of Vermont’s homeless assistance system.

All HUD McKinney/Vento Homeless Assistance funded programs participate in  HMIS, except for those which provide services and shelter to victims of domestic and sexual violence.


In Spring 2014, an  HMIS stakeholder survey was conducted to understand user needs and satisfaction with the current HMIS.  The results are here:

HMIS Stakeholder Survey (2014) – All Respondents

All Providers Surveys Summary

HMIS Stakeholder Survey (2014) – Balance of State Only

BoS Providers Surveys Summary

The mission of the Coalition is to end homelessness in Vermont through sharing information, developing resources, providing a forum for decision-making and to promote decent, safe, fair, affordable shelter for all.