FFY 2015 HUD Continuum of Care

May 2, 2016 – HUD Awards $2.3 Million for Local Homeless Programs in Vermont: http://helpingtohousevt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/HUD-Notice-VT-CoC-Tier-2-Funds-Released.pdf

HUD CoC Tier 2 Awards – What Happened?
Written by Steve Berg, May 10, 2016: http://www.endhomelessness.org/blog/entry/the-continuum-of-care-tier-2-awards-what-happened#.VzR7mTHmq1u

Guide to Vermont CoCs: http://helpingtohousevt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Intro-to-VT-CoCs-5.3.16.pdf

FFY2015 HUD Continuum of Care Program – Notice of Funding Availability 

November 10, 2015
FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Consolidated Application – FINAL – The final and complete version of the FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Consolidated Application can be located on the VCEH website at the link. The Vermont State Housing Authority will submit the Consolidated Application, along with a screenshot of this public posting evidence, by the end of business today. Thank you to all who contributed to this year’s application process and/or with your efforts to end homelessness in Vermont.
FFY15 VT BoS CoC Project Priority Listing

November 4, 2015
1. FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Projects-Priority Listing Posting FINAL 11.3.15 – The final VT BoS CoC priority ranking determination (as made by the Project Ranking Committee on behalf of VCEH) of all submitted CoC project applications to be included in the HUD CoC application submission (renewal, new-reallocated, new-bonus).
2. FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Application – Final Draft ready for review by all VT BoS CoC stakeholders with comments due to VSHA (daniel@vsha.org) no later than 10AM on Monday, November 9. *Some HMIS data still pending updates by all providers & completion by ICA-HMIS Lead. The final VT BoS CoC Consolidated Application (with all attachments & project priority listing) will be submitted to HUD and posted on the VCEH website no later than Wednesday, November 11.
3. FY2015 CoC Application Detailed Instructions – HUD guide that details each CoC application question on specific information required.

October 15, 2015
FFY15 VT BoS CoC Projects – not prioritized”: CoC review & VOTE of this year’s project applications.
Project Ranking Policy & Tool FINAL DRAFT”: CoC review & VOTE on policy/tool used to prioritize projects.
FY15 HUD CoC Program Scoring Criteria Summary”: How Consolidated Application will be scored by HUD.
FFY13-14 CoC Consolidated Application”: CoC reference for review & historical context.

October 12, 2015
FFY15 CoC Application – Template
2015 McKinney Continuum of Care Program NOFA Summary
TIMELINE: FFY2015 HUD VT BOS COC NOFA Homeless Assistance Application

September 28, 2015
NOFA COMMITTEE: Please RSVP at daniel@vsha.org or 828-0294 if and when you want to participate in one or both of two meetings via conference calls: #1 (Oct. 2nd/AM or PM) and/or #2 (Oct. 12 or 13 – AM or PM).  All resources will be posted on VCEH website or available upon email/phone request.

Possible NEW HUD COC FUNDING: As required by the federal government, and desired by VCEH, the following is notice to explain how the VT BoS “CoC is open to proposals from entities that have not previously received funds in prior CoC Program competitions, even if the CoC is not applying for any new projects in 2015”.

  • Please READ “VT BoS CoC Project Funding Opportunities” on VCEH websitehere or by email request.
  • If interested, SUBMIT (DUE BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9) a “Letter of Intent-Project Application” for a potential NEW Permanent Housing Bonus to daniel@vsha.org. *LOI form and resources available on VCEH websitehere or by email request; VT BoS CoC funds may not serve Chittenden.

All materials are located on the VCEH website at the following link: http://helpingtohousevt.org/initiatives/hud-hearth/

PLEASE NOTE:  As an eligible VT BoS CoC Project Applicant entity, VSHA intends to submit a “Letter of Intent” to the VCEH Ranking Committee for a new CoC-Rapid Rehousing BONUS project to serve counties with exceptional need.  Contact Daniel if your agency wants to be considered as a potential VSHA RRH sponsor to serve one or more of the following counties:  Bennington (low CoC funds other than S+C), Lamoille (no CoC funds other than S+C), Windsor North (low CoC/ESG/RHYP funds), Orleans/Essex (high poverty area/low CoC-S+C funds), Rutland (BoS highest need-GA/PIT).

  1. Template Example-New Permanent Housing Bonus application [CoC Rapid Rehousing]
  2. Template Example-New Permanent Housing Bonus application [CoC Permanent Supportive Housing]
  3. “VT BoS CoC Project Funding Opportunities” explains options and process of applying for potential new CoC funds for a new Permanent Housing Bonus project.
  4. FFY15 LOI-CoC Project Application Form [New Permanent Housing Bonus] – due October 9 to daniel@vsha.org.
  5. “All Project Funding Options Chart-VTBOSCOC” details all current/potential funding options for renewal, reallocated, retooled, and new Permanent Housing Bonus projects.

FY 2015 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition: Funding Availability
FFY2015 VT BoS CoC Project Funding Guide
SNAPS In Focus: NOFAs Past and Present

A recording of the Vermont CoCs Prepare for the NOFA webinar is now available. The webinar, presented by Marcy Krumbine Esbjerg, CEDO, Chittenden CoC Collaborative Applicant and Daniel Blankenship, VSHA, Balance of State CoC Collaborative Applicant, contains information and answers to questions on the expected CoC NOFA from HUD, including options for reallocating or retooling projects. To view the webinar register here.

The mission of the Coalition is to end homelessness in Vermont through sharing information, developing resources, providing a forum for decision-making and to promote decent, safe, fair, affordable shelter for all.